Tug boats
We have 4 tugs: Celsus, Vaksdal, Varp and Yankee Girl. All of them has somewhat different equipment and properties, see details below.

Tug and pusher boat, lenght x with 14,8x5,1m.
Identification signal LG3248. The vessel has 2 schottles.
Tugboat, lenght x with 12,5x4,2m. Identification signal LF3780. Vaksdal has a towing hook aft and a hydraulic crane.
Tugboat, lenght x with 9,9x3,3m. Identification signal LM6327. Varp has a towing hook aft and hydraulic nokk.
Yankee Girl
Tugboat, lenght x with 10x3,6m. Identification signal LM5336. Yankee Girl has a towing hook aft.
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